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Advance Corporation was founded in 1941 by William F. Lorenz as a manufacturer of flexographic products and quickly earned a reputation for quality, service and innovation serving major manufacturing and service companies. It was during these early years that the company developed a special engraving process that eventually would be the catalyst for entrance into the award market.

Through the company's introduction of deep-relief etched copy plates, shape-etched and colorfilled logo plates and picture frames with velvet backgrounds the award industry, as it had been known, was transformed and the demand for these new awards began to grow. In 1972 the company started to sell the recognition awards through Promotional Products distributors and became known in the industry as Advance Award Line.

In 1990 Advance Corporation formed the Braille-Tac Division and began manufacturing architecturally designed interior/exterior way-finding sign systems and standard and custom ADA-compliant signs. Concentrating on our manufacturing capabilities and experience, the signage products are distributed through sign shops, contractors and design firms.

The Identification Products Division, which has evolved from the original flexographic business started in 1941, continues to adapt as imprinting methods and needs change. Today we are closely aligned with the printing industry and manufacture magnesium and zinc dies and die counters for foil stamping and embossing.

For over sixty years Advance has always had the customer's interest at the forefront of its manufacturing, marketing and sales efforts. Our founder's ideals and our current commitment are combined and summed up in our Corporate Mission Statement and Philosophy:

Mission Statement:
To provide high quality products with the best service in the industry and to deal with all customers and employees in an honest and responsive manner.

Treat every customer as if he/she is our only customer, and treat every order as if it was our only order.