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Thank you for choosing Advance Corporation! When submitting your order for production we require the following items to be included with your purchase order. Please email these items to your Customer Service Specialist along with your purchase order. If your files are too large for email please contact us for other file transfer methods.

1. Vector Artwork

Production Ready Artwork Required for All Orders

  • Set your art at 100% scale and create all artwork in one file.
  • Group each layout individually.
  • Organize the layouts by sign type.
  • All artwork should be black/white. Black indicates raised areas and white indicates recessed areas on signs.
  • If the sign is borderless, use a 9pt. border to indicate cut line.
  • Braille placement can be marked by FPO Braille dots or with a rectangle. This will be replaced with the actual ADA compliant Grade 2 Braille translation. California Grade 2 Braille and Grade 1 Braille are available upon request.
  • Minimum line weight is 2pt. thick.
  • Convert all live text to outlines.
  • Save as an .EPS or .AI file.

2. Raster Images

Required for orders with the following:

ReplicaFinish (digitally printed graphics)

Advance Filters (etched photographs and images)

  • Must be high resolution with a minimum of 300 DPI while at 100% scale.
  • Save as an .EPS, .TIFF, or .JPEG file.

3. Hard Copy

Shop Drawing or Proof Required for All Orders

  • An uneditable version of your artwork must be provided to ensure the vector artwork has opened correctly.
  • Should show colors, materials and specifications.
  • Layouts can be scaled down as necessary.
  • Save as a .PDF or .JPEG file.

4. Excel Spreadsheet

Message Schedule Required for orders with more than QTY 25 signs.

  • Helps to ensure consistency and accuracy for spelling/word usage throughout the project.
  • Helps us to check off and package order.


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